Meet Your Guide

Bill Leslie is a world renowned river guide who works between Canada, the United States, and New Zealand. He has been trained by the best in the industry in each of these locations in swift water rescue and first aid. Bill has used the Ottawa River as his home base for nearly a decade working most summer seasons as a whitewater river guide running kayaks, rafts, and rescue zodiacs. Bill also competes on the Canadian National Raft team. When not on the river you can typically find Bill climbing rocks and riding motorcycles. His passion is adventure let him share it with you.

Environmental Statement

We here at ORA are committed to limiting our Environmental impact. ORA strives to offset its footprint by doing multiple River Clean Ups throughout the season in which garbage along the river banks and in the water is removed. ORA also highly promotes responsible river stewardship through the means of leave no trace principals. ORA is dedicated to the conservation of the waterways in which they use. The more sustainable our practices are the more likely these precious gifts of the environment will thrive.